Giving to the Ministry of the Church

Thank you everyone for your continued faithful giving. We do not take it lightly in these uncertain times. There are many ways to give: you can use the button on this page, you can use Electronic Funds Transfers from your online banking or banking apps, or you can mail your giving to the church. And when you give, you can give to our General, Benevolent, Specials, or H2H funds.

The email address for EFT’s is (In the message line, please indicate your envelope number, if known, and the fund to which you want to give).

Please note that all funds given to the Christmas Special Offering (“Specials”) will be directed to the Capital Fund.

You can also mail or bring your tithing to the church on a Sunday morning or by calling the church for a drop off on another day.

Again, we are blessed by your continued faithful giving.