Brian is a long time leader in the Uxbridge Community and here at Uxbridge Baptist Church. He is a strong advocate of studying God’s Word (Canadian Bible Society).


Psalm 56

David’s enemy was upon him.  From a worldly perspective, he was in imminent danger.  The only option was to call out to the only One Who loved him and had the power to do something to help!  David cries, “God, have mercy on me because I’m being trampled!”  In these uncertain days as we are constantly bombarded with distressing news, we find ourselves all at this point of despair.  Does this drive us deep into despair and fear or does it, like with David, drive us to your knees?  There are positive outcomes in all of life’s trials.  Do you see them?  Families are spending quality time together.  Parents are teaching their children to know God and trust Him.  And people are crying out to the only one who can help!  Like King David, we find assurance that this enemy of fear will retreat when we cry out…” because God is ours!”  “We trust in God: we won’t be afraid.”  In the sure hope and anticipation of God’s help, David goes on to say.  “I will fulfill my promises to You, God, I will present thanksgiving offerings to you, because you have saved my life from death, saved my feet from stumbling so that I can walk before God in the light of life.”  Now is the time to put into practice the admonition we have memorized before in Philippians 4:6 & 7.

In this time of darkness, how can we shine the love & light of Christ into the lives of our family, friends and neighbours?


Dear Friend of UBC:

The purpose of this communication is to invite you to share together in UBC’s virtual worship initiative. We have identified Virtual Hosts who will invite many of you to join a virtual worship group of 5-10 people. We are encouraging these groups to join together at 10 am on Sunday morning (though any time would do) for worship.  In this way as many as possible will be experiencing UBC worship virtually together. All you need is a computer and a Zoom account. We will provide all the instructions you need to get set up with Zoom. We believe this will be a fun and unifying way of living out our unity in these days of social distancing. The outline of our virtual service will continue to be made available through UBC’s InfoLink communication and is also available in the Pastor’s Blog portion of this website. Thank you for your participation.

We are also inviting you to participate in a global day of prayer and fasting hosted by the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, this Sunday, March 26. All the details and resources that you will need in order to participate can be found on the EFC’s website.

Together in Christ,

Pastor Dale



Dear UBC Friends and Family,

In an effort to assist with slowing the COVID-19 virus, the Leadership of UBC has made the decision to press pause on all services, programs and meetings until further notice. We will continue to communicate updates through this web page (and on facebook and through the Infolink), and we will update you regarding reinstating services and programs when we are able and as advised by the health authorities and government.

The church building will also be closed during this time. Please be assured that the staff will continue to monitor and be responsive to your emails and voicemails. We are asking that there be no non-essential visits to the church. If there is a need to be in the church, please prearrange your visit through an email or phone call to the church office (; 905-852-3662).

We know how important community is but we also know how important it is to stop the spread of COVID-19 and so, under the advice of trusted medical authorities, we are requesting that in person small group meetings also pause.  There are numerous ways to remain connected online and we are encouraging that you move your groups to online platforms.

While we are away from one another, we will continue to provide a weekly online service for you to meet around. You can find it on this website under Pastor’s Blog and it will be emailed out through the Infolink. We are also posting daily devotions on our facebook page (and beginning today, on our website above).

We encourage you to check on your neighbours through phone calls, emails, and texts. We want to ensure you that we have a plan in place to reach out to the members of our UBC family who are sick or vulnerable.

Please forward this communication to those who may not be on our distribution lists.

In Hope and Love,

The Leadership of UBC

How The Church Will Communicate Further Cancellations/Updates:

  • Here on our website.
  • Through the Infolink (with the subject line: UBC Infolink – COVID-19 update) (contact the church office to be added to the email).
  • Through the Prayer Network (for daily devotions) (contact the church office to be added to the email).
  • On our facebook page
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