Great Questions of Faith and Life – Fall Sermon Series 2022

Questions. We all have them. They are a necessary part of intellectual and spiritual growth. Sometimes the questions are simple and the answers come quickly. But sometimes the questions are quite profound, and the answers are not so easy to find. The really great questions are the ones that shape the character and destiny of our lives.

The greatest questions have to do with the reality of God and our relation to him. Those are the types of questions we have in mind in this series of sermons we are calling “Great Questions of Faith and Life.” Our intention is to address some of the questions that often stand as barriers to faith; questions like these:

  • Is God really there? Does He exist? How can we know?
  • Isn’t the universe simply the product of random forces and events?
  • Can faith and science co-exist?
  • What about evil and suffering?
  • What about miracles?

It may surprise you to discover that the Bible and Christian faith have good answers to these questions. Christian faith is not blind. It is the path to understanding.

I would like to encourage you to join us as we take these important questions head on. Whether you are just checking out Christian faith or are a committed follower of Jesus Christ, you will find a lot of value in these sermons. Why not invite a friend to join you? Why not join a Life Group, and learn and grow with others around these critical themes? If you are looking for a Life Group send a quick email to indicating your interest.

Let me suggest a few resources that may help along the way.

Here are a few excellent books to consider:

  • Tim Keller, Reason For God (pastoral, readable treatment of deep questions about God)
  • Peter Kreeft and Ronald Tacelli, Handbook of Christian Apologetics (handy, straightforward reference)
  • C. S. Lewis, Mere Christianity (classic treatment of fundamental questions around Christian belief)
  • Michael Murray, ed., Reason for the Hope Within (thematic essays by various scholars)

Check out the spotlighted videos on UBC’s Right Now Media resource:

To get more out of the first message—“Is God Really There?”—have a look at this excellent video from the Reasonable Faith organization: This one takes it a bit further:

Got questions? Feel free to ask! We want to address questions you may have as we go through this series (Oct. 23 to Nov. 20, 2022), whether that be one on one or in the larger teaching context. Just send an email to Pastor Dale at I would be pleased to hear from you!

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