TOP TEN LIFE HACKS (The Ten Commandments)

Whether or not you are religious or believe in the Bible, most people agree that few documents have had as much influence on Western culture as the Ten Commandments. In the words of U.S. President John Adams, “As much as I love, esteem and admire the Greeks, I believe the Hebrews have done more to enlighten and civilize the world. Moses did more than all their legislators and philosophers.” Most would agree. Whether a devout believer or an ardent skeptic, history bears out that the Ten Commandments are uniquely relevant to each of our lives. The Ten Commandments may be most relevant for a reason you would not suspect: they reveal the character of love and teach us how to be truly free. Israel received God’s gift of the Ten Commandments shortly after they were freed from cruel slavery in Egypt. The Ten Commandments express how God intends freedom should be lived out.

We are about to enter into a new series of sermons entitled Top Ten Life Hacks. We begin on September 8. With the Ten Commandments as our focus, our purpose will be to draw out the significance of the Commandments as God’s prescribed path to freedom. That is to say, they are non-negotiable practices that lead to the flourishing of human life. God is our designer and maker. He knows what is best. He has clearly laid out his will for us in the Ten Commandments. When we take these seriously, living them out by the grace of Christ in the power of the Spirit, we are propelled into the freedom and grace of the blessed life.

There are many ways for you to engage this study—through Sunday morning teaching, Bible memorization, Life Group discussion and application, and mutual accountability. You may find the following resources helpful along the way. Just follow the links.

For some basic orientation and study group helps:

Thomas Watson’s famous study of the Ten Commandments can be found in its entirety here:

John Calvin is superb on the Ten Commandments:



Pastor Dale

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