Uxbridge Baptist Church Sermon Audio
Uxbridge Baptist Church Sermon Audio
Top Ten Life Hacks - Name Above All Names (Exodus 20:7)

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  • Pastor Dale, This was a wonderful truthful sermon. We are far too passive when it comes to hearing our God’s name used inappropriately. If we are strong in Faith, and Trust Our God, then we must start showing it outwardly and honestly. Our mouths do indeed speak what are hearts are full of! We truly must Walk the Talk, and know, we as believers must say, and live with “whatever we do, we do for the Glory of Our God” in our hearts. I am so in awe when I think, that Jesus died for me, and the sins of my life are truly forgiven, even completely forgotten, and I can live in the comfort that Jesus Loves me….Amen
    Thank you.
    Debbie Stanish


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