Surpassing Greatness; Uncompromising Faith

Pastor Dale has launched a sermon series drawn from the Epistle to the Hebrews, under the title: “Surpassing Greatness; Uncompromising Faith – No Fear, No Doubt, No Retreat.” The letter to the Hebrews is commonly understood to be a sermon preached to a small church of mostly tired and oppressed Jewish Christians. In their discouragement they were tempted to retreat and go back to the former ways of the old life. To encourage them the author points to the surpassing greatness of Jesus, the Son of God, and calls the dispirited Christians to persevere in their pursuit of Christ. The entire sermon is a call to renewed vision, faith, and perseverance.

This is so relevant to the beleaguered church of the 21st century! In our current cultural moment we can easily feel marginalized and demoralized. We are tempted to turn back. How can we find courage and strength to press on? We need once again to see the greatness and glory of Jesus and to pursue him with unrelenting faith and devotion. This will be the recurring theme of our study of Hebrews!

Please join us on Sunday mornings as we look to God for encouragement from this wonderful epistle. Go to Right Now Media on our church webpage for helpful resources for personal or group study. Consider one of these:

  • The Book of Hebrews, Derwin Gray
  • Hebrews, Chad Ragsdale
  • Christ is Better, J. D. Greear

Or, if you are looking for a much deeper study, you will find a free full scale seminary course by Dr. George Guthrie here:

We are praying that you will join us in seeking a renewed vision of the surpassing greatness of Jesus and a fresh commitment to him in uncompromising faith!

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